What’s all the Fuss about Rice Bran?

Rice Bran Nutrients

Rice bran is being hailed as the new super-food. Rice bran contains a quite amazing number of nutrients. Advocates cite the presence in rice bran of 120 antioxidants. Rice bran contains just about all the vitamins you would ever need (except D and C, which are added to rice bran products to make up a full complement). Rice bran doesn’t stop there – it contains an astounding quantity of other health-giving nutrients. Rice bran contains phytosterols , polysaccharides, beta-sitosterol, fiber, Vitamin E complex and a large complement of B vitamins. These include even including B15, a vital antioxidant. Rice bran also boasts Co-Enzyme Q10, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids and even Oleic Acid also found in olive oil.

Where Has Rice Bran Been all my Life?

Thrown away, is the sad answer to that, or used for other things than nourishing people. Rice bran is one of, if not the, biggest squandered food resource in the world. Rice bran is the brown part of the brown rice kernel, the part which is discarded to make the white rice that most of us consume. All around the world rice bran is used for animal feed, burned as fuel, or dug back into the soil.

I Eat Brown Rice – Don’t I get my Rice Bran that Way?

Sorry, but no. Eating brown rice might give you more fiber. The bad news is that most of the essential and amazing nutrients found in rice bran are denatured during the 45-minute boiling process. Rice bran products are wholefoods in themselves. This is basically concentrated brown rice, without all the white carbohydrate eaten when we have a rice-based meal.

What Does Stabilized Rice Bran Mean?

The problem with rice is that the brown part (the bran) contains oil which is very prone to rancidity, occurring within a few hours. The stabilization process denatures the lipase in the rice bran. Some of these processes are secret and patented due to the huge potential of rice bran as a product. There is an enzyme found in rice bran that causes the fat to spoil, and the stabilization deactivates this. This process gives the rice bran a shelf life of years rather than hours. This enables it to be made into powdered drinks that can be shipped around the world and used as dietary supplements.

So What Could Rice Bran do for Me?

Well, let’s start with antioxidants. These are the nutrients which fight off free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals cause premature aging and many of the degenerative diseases of old age. Rice bran contains 120 of these antioxidants, to keep us young. Then there are all the vitamins, particularly the B vitamins, and the Vitamin E complex which is only found in rice bran, barley and palm oil. The broad-spectrum efficacy of this product is a result of the complex forms of nutrients contained within it.

Rice bran has been tested in experimental conditions. So far it has displayed great promise in the use against myriad modern diseases, including arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. Its filling fiber content can also aid in the fight against obesity. From recent studies it would seem that rice bran certainly has earned the accolade of supernutrient!

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  1. Hi and thank you for your input on rice bran. if the rice bran refrigerated as soon as it is milled would it still spoil or would it have a shelf life as refrigerated?

    Thank you much

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